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New Patients to Geelong Paediatric Group

Patients who have previously been connected with a paediatrician at a different practice and if you need continuation of medical care, please make an appointment with your GP to formulate a management plan. Ongoing care and management of your child/ren may still require a paediatrician to be involved, but your circumstances may have changed and other health professionals me be just as able (or even better placed) to help with care of your child/ren.

Your GP will be best placed to know the options available, which may include the GP themselves, psychiatrist, psychologist, allied health, CAMHS, or another paediatrician. Services may be within or out of the region depending on availability.

Your GP will be able to assess availability of paediatricians at our practice by clicking here or going to www.g-pg.com.au/wait-times which unfortunately due to the current demand, are very limited.

If you are concerned about there being no locally available public options for paediatric care of your child, you could contact Barwon Health consumer liaison on 4215 1251 or go to: https://www.barwonhealth.org.au/services-departments/item/consumer-liaison-officer

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Geelong Paediatric Group is working in a modified way due to the ongoing Coronavirus concerns. So that we can continue to provide our services in a safe and controlled manner. Please read the information below.

To ensure we are keeping all patients, families and the staff and community safe we are asking our patients to follow the below requirements:

Face Masks

Face coverings must be worn by all aged 8 years and older. If you are unable to wear a mask please call our reception team for advice and to discuss options prior to your appointment.

We recommend Primary School age children wear masks indoors, even though this is only a recommendation it is highly advised.

Face to Face / Physical Appointments

We still have a limit on the number of people allowed in the room so you may be asked to wait in the car or our garden area if the rooms are full. To aid with the limits we ask that you please limit the number of people attending for an appointment.

Telehealth Appointments

Your paedaitrician may ask that your Childs appointment be conducted via a video link. This is called telehealth and we use a department of health verified system to make these calls. They can be undertaken from any device with a camera (smart phone, tablet, computer) and you will be sent a link to access the system prior to your appointment.

Please note that it is a Medicare requirement that the patient (your child) be in attendance at the appointment/s, if the patient is not present Medicare will not provide a rebate for the consult.

Please click on this here to go to our Telehealth system.

Please click the button above for telehealth appointments

If video is not an option, in some circumstances we may be able to provide a telephone consultation. This will be discussed with you if the need arises.

The Australian Department of Health’s current advice in relation to coronavirus can be found here: