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How do I arrange for my child to see a paediatrician?

Nearly all paediatric appointments are arranged following a referral from another medical practitioner. This may be from your GP, another specialist doctor or from a hospital doctor following hospital treatment.

The referral you receive should be sent to our rooms, either by fax or mail, as soon as possible and our reception team will process it, allocating the next available appointment with the paediatrician you have been referred to.

If the referring doctor feels that the appointment allocated is too far away, they can contact the paediatrician directly and discuss the issue with them.

A referral from a GP is usually valid for 12 month from the first appointment in the course of treatment, whereas a hospital or specialist referral is only valid for 3 months. It is very important that a valid referral is held for all of the appointments that your child requires, as without one, Medicare will not provide any benefits and the parent/guardian will be liable for the full cost of the consultations.